Do Not Eat This Blog!

So, I’ve got an old friend who is a HUGE Rush fan. He’s seen them live more times than he’s visited his in-laws, owns every bootleg known to man, and can recite each member’s biography with the nostalgia of having lived it himself. But one summer night, after a couple of Grey Goose martinis had begun to take hold, he made a startling confession to me about a musical guilty pleasure…Barry Manilow. Yeah, it’s ok, laugh…lord knows I did. But despite the fact that I can still remember how silly he looked singing a horrible rendition of  ‘Could It Be Magic’, it only made me respect him even more because, we are after all,  all human, and we ALL have guilty pleasures…not just in music, but in food and wine too.

See, here’s the thing- I absolutely love  Foie Gras, Beluga Caviar, Kobe beef, Truffles, first-growth Bordeaux and San Pellegrino. But I also love (and I can admit this because most of you have never actually met me) white castle burgers, E-Z cheeze, Beefaroni, frozen pizza, Mac & Cheese with cut up hot dogs, Ketchup on eggs, fried Snickers, Slurpees, Cajun boiled peanuts and those little wax bottles with the liquid candy inside.

I’ve been fortunate to have dined at some of the finest restaurants in the world and have had meals that are indelibly etched in my memory, but it doesn’t change the fact that every once in a while (when no one is around except me and the dog) I will sit down to a peanut butter & fluff (yep, a fluffernutter)sandwich on WHITE bread, not the healthy stuff. The dog gets a little peanut butter too just in case she’s thinking of ratting me out. And if you’ve never had the pleasure of treating yourself to a Drake’s Yodel or Ring Ding, do me a favor- put down the Riedel stemware and the truffle butter, step away slowly, get in the car and drive to the market as fast as you can, without stopping for pedestrians.

So I asked around, and when promised anonymity, several friends, family and co-workers have admitted to the following gastronomical guilty pleasures:

  • Uncooked Ramen Noodles, right out of the container, crunch and all
  • McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets…what, that’s not bad enough for you? Did I mention she dunks them in her chocolate milk shake?!?
  • Spaghetti with ketchup (a distant cousin of my beloved Beefaroni)
  • Skillet-fried Spam with pineapple
  • Frozen Pop-Tarts
  • Fried bologna sandwiches on wonder bread, sans crust
  • Pork cracklins’

So my question is, what’s YOUR guilty pleasure? Don’t sit there with your nose up in the air and tell me you live on haute cuisine, because I know somewhere deep down, in places you don’t talk about at cocktail parties, you WANT that New York City ‘dirty-water’ hot dog, you NEED that cold left-over pizza. It’s okay, the first step is admitting it, so share your guiltiest pleasure I won’t tell a soul…

peanut fluffernutter pancake sandwich

peanut fluffernutter pancake sandwich


6 thoughts on “Do Not Eat This Blog!

  1. Fabio Bongianni

    Justin – love this blog! I probably shouldn’t speak on Fabio’s behalf but I can say that, I….Amy Duncan…find pleasure in brownies with butter. One of many, I could go on and on and on.

    Fun blog! Hope all is well state-side!


  2. SocialNotes in Georgia

    Guilty pleasure: Mayo sandwiches with potato chips. Never tell this to anyone. I would have to move and change my name to Jane Doe.

  3. Jodie

    Bacon Brownies are THE BEST! Down Fall if you can call it that is…they have to be eaten ALL when made..not so good next day. Love the peanut fluffernutter panccake too…looks yummy. ….Waiting on the Pork Wellington recipe……Please I promise not to share it.;lol……….

  4. Jodie

    Oh and guilty pleasure……of all things…….Cheese doodles ….or salt & vinegar potato chips….or popcorn with old bay seasoning…….No wonder I had a heart attack!!!! I’m a or let me say was a salt addict…..not so much on the sweets.

  5. girlinafoodfrenzy

    I’m a Vegemite fiend, I love grilled cheese (with the yeast extract) underneath. In fact, years ago a local potato chip factory released Vegemite and cheese flavour. That was back bout 15 yrs ago 🙂

    I wish we had marshmallow fluff here in Australia!


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