Some new food pics!

As a chef, a source of constant joy for me comes from the simple act of creating. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to see peoples’ reactions as I unveil a new creation, but the really good stuff for me is the brainstorming, creation and execution of a new idea…especially when it goes off well. More of these photos can be seen at

This particular photo series was shot on a day I decided I was only going to buy one set ingredient, swordfish.  The rest of the produce and pantry items were simply the best quality ingredients at the market that day…here’s what I came up with:

mis en place for the day

mis en place for the day

mis en place for the day

Swordfish, baby bellas, cherry tomatoes, haricot verts, scallion, peach, chili oil, lemon, thyme and rosemary


a gorgeous 3lb swordfish loin

At this point all I knew was that the fish was going on the grill…I decided to go with a marinade of fresh thyme, shallots, chili oil, cracked pepper and lemon zest.

another overhead shot

another overhead shot

sword time!

sword time!

The finished dish: Grilled sword with boniato mash, sauteed haricot verts, baby bellas and cherry tomato finished with charred tomato chimichurri.

sword angle

finished sword shot at an angle

finished sword of my favorite shots

sword best

sword center

sword macro

sword macro

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